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Hood Mockingbirds, by Henry Balingcongam


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Photo Gallery

Here are some of our favorite photos from past trips to the Galápagos. Some are from our own trips to the islands, while others are from our past passengers. We hope you enjoy this sampling of what you might see! Be sure to check out the links from past tour participants at the bottom of this page!


Mark, Julie, & Debbie

Marine Iguana,

by Henry Balingcongam

More Marine Iguanas, by Mark Grantham

Brown Pelican
by Laura McShane

Yellow Crowned Night Heron
by Mark Grantham

Juvenile Heron
by Julie Lolmaugh

Blue-footed Booby

Sea lion pups on the beach of Española


Prickly Pear Cactus, on Tower Island

Kicker Rock
by Mike Tossy

Finches at Jacqueline's

Landing at Española
by Mark Grantham

Land Iguana at Urvina Bay
by Mark Grantham

Galápagos Hawk
by Mark Grantham


One of our most frequent travelers... Sandra Critelli has traveled with us 6 times, beginning with Galápagos in the early 90's. In addition to 3 more expeditions to the Galápagos she also joined us in Antarctica in early 2003 and Midway in 2012. Her beautiful photography can be seen here:


Early in 2012 photographer Dan Leffel traveled to Galapagos with us on one of our Natural History workshops. He has a gallery of his images here, and a short video slide show here.


Summer 2009 saw photographer Jose Vigano joining us in Galápagos. His site includes beautiful galleries for Galápagos, Quito, and also Ecuador's Saquisili Market.


Charlie Robertson & Paula LeVay traveled with us in the spring of 2009. Their site includes beautiful imagery from their trip, divided into several albums, including spectacular photos of the eruption of Fernandina Island's volcano!


Thanks, to Dave and Marsha for sharing their Galápagos website with us, and you (it also includes images from their 2003 expedition to The Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica with us). Marsha and Dave's Excellent Adventure Website


Bob Higaki has traveled with us more than most people... Galápagos (twice!), Antarctica, Easter Island (three times!), and even Peru. You can view his amazing photography here:


Two of Henry Balingcongam's photos are featured at the top of this page... for more of Henry's beautiful images, please check his site.


From the creative eye of Don Cohen's Nature, Wildlife & Landscape Photography


Past Tour Leader, and author, Roger Harris has his own site, including photos and maps of the Galápagos.


In the autumn of 2002 Peter & Sydney Davies traveled to the Galápagos with us. While Peter says there are still a couple of things to do to their web site, we are amazed by it!


Another web site that is clearly a labor of love is that of Marion Dobbs. While truly challenged by flights at both ends of the trip, her love for Ecuador and the Galápagos shines through. In addition to numerous photos, the site includes extensive bird lists.


Claude Coune has traveled to the Galápagos with us twice now, most recently in the spring of 2007, in addition to Antarctica in early 2000, and again in 2009. His beautiful Galápagos photography is organized via an island by island map, giving a wonderful sense of what may be seen in each place. By the way, in French, "on a vu" means "we have seen", hence the domain name.

On Claude's second trip to Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands he was accompanied by his daughter, Françoise Coune. Françoise has created a visually stunning site for the trip, featuring her beautiful images and even a day-by-day photo journal. You are sure to love exploring:


In November 2006 Mark Goyen traveled to the Galápagos islands with us. The wonderful Galápagos images on his site are again organized by visitor site, recalling adventures in the Galápagos and aboard the Tip Top IV. Be sure to look for the beautiful underwater images and images of movement!


In the summer of 2008 Yannis Arvanitis and his family completed a 1-year, around-the-world, adventure with a visit to the Galápagos Islands. Not only does Yannis' site include some amazing wildlife photography, but he also offers valuable photography tips and hints. Thank you Yannis!


If you would like to see more of my (Mark Grantham) photography, from Galapagos to Easter Island, Antarctica to Spitsbergen and the High Arcitc, and Madagascar to Midway Atoll... you can check out my on-line gallery of photos and stories from the road at

Sally Lightfoot Crab

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